Sailing Lessons

Youngstown Community Boating

Of all the activities held at YYC, one of the most successful is unquestionably the Junior Sailing Program. This happy development started in 1955, by which time YYC had become a “big boat” Club. Thirteen members, with 43 children among them, joined together to purchase a fleet of dinghies. By the early 1960s, these dinghies were made available for a Club-sponsored program with instructors. By the 1970s, the program grew from volunteer instructors to a paid staff, and to a top-notch operation. The Youngstown Yacht Club is proud of its heritage and continues to support the traditions of the sport of sailing in all Club activities. 

In 2009, the Youngstown Community Boating Foundation was formed and over the past 12 years has added programs to get more people on the water. YCB currently offers Junior Sailing lessons, Learn to Sail classes for adults as well as sailboat, kayak & paddleboard rentals. To learn more about the Foundation and support boating in our community, please visit

Need help choosing the right class? Contact Head Instructor Ryan Suitor with any questions regarding the Junior Sailing Program at (716)984-8140 or at

Junior Sailing

Sailors are aged 7-17 are instilled with a love of sailing, along with the fundamental sailing skills that they can build upon. Children receive instruction in safe boating, seamanship, dinghy sailing, sailboat racing, and boat maintenance. Daily lessons are broken down into classrooms, on-land demonstrations, and on-water lessons. Whatever the age or experience of your child, we have a program that fits. Our teaching philosophy revolves around safety, fun, and learning. Consequently, our instructors are all trained by US Sailing and held to the latest safety practices and standards. Our well-trained instructor staff is dedicated to creating a safe and fun learning experience on the water.

Adult Learn to Sail

In 2020, the Youngstown Sailing Foundation conducted a fundraising campaign to purchase new sailboats, Ideal 18s, that could be used for both Junior and Adult lessons. The Adult lessons are a 3 day program that teach the basics of sail trim, points of sail, boat handling, docking, and more. This course takes a hands-on approach to instruction in a relaxed environment with experienced coaches. Completion of the course allows you to charter an Ideal 18 from Youngstown Community Boating, based on availability, as well as 2 guest passes to enjoy a meal at YYC.

The friendships made in the Junior Sailing program can be the most enduring friendships they make! 

Some last a lifetime...