Membership Categories

Regular Members

Persons eighteen (18) years of age and over are eligible for Regular Membership. The privileges of the Club are extended to the spouse and those minor children permanently residing with said member. In addition, Club privileges are extended to those children of Regular members who permanently reside with the member, are under twenty-five (25) years of age, and regularly attend a full-time course of undergraduate instruction at an accredited college or university.

Associate Members

Persons aged eighteen (18) years of age or older are eligible for Associate membership except those who maintain a boat larger than 18 feet on the Lower Niagara River. Associate members may not vote nor hold office. All other privileges of the Club apply. (Refer to Club By-Laws for definition of "Maintaining a Boat".)

Non-Resident Members

Persons of eighteen (18) years of age and older who do not reside temporarily* or permanently or have their principal place of business within the counties of Erie or Niagara in New York State or the Niagara Peninsula in the Province of Ontario, Canada, or who own or regularly maintain a boat in the Lower Niagara River, nor make regular use of the Club facilities, are eligible for Non-Resident membership. If an applicant for Non-Resident is a boat owner, the applicant must currently be a member of a recognized yacht club or be a former member of the YYC.


*Reside temporarily is intended to mean residence more than four weeks, consecutive or cumulatively, over a sailing season from May 1st to October 1st.

Junior Members

Persons between the ages of ten (10) and twenty-two (22), inclusive, are eligible for Junior membership. Junior members may not vote or hold office. Privileges are restricted to the Junior member.

Terms and Conditions

If accepted, I agree to abide by and be subject to the By-laws and House Rules of the Club, as well as any other rules or provisions adopted by the Board from time to time.

I hereby acknowledge the following:

a) That there is a minimum service charge policy in effect October 1 through September 30 of each fiscal year for regular and associate member classes. Any member joining after September 1 will have the minimum service charge waived for the balance of the fiscal year.

b) That the current minimum service charge can be spent on food, beverage, or special Club events.

c) That sales tax and gratuities are not considered part of the minimum service charge.

d) That New York State sales tax will be levied on all charges at the Club as required by law, including membership fees and service charges.

e) That gratuity will be added automatically to all food and beverages I consume at the Club.

f) That any remaining minimum amount not used by September 30 will be billed on my following month's statement.

g) That all charges processed through my account during a given month are reflected on a month-end statement and I will receive these statements at the beginning of the following month.

h) That all charges reflected on the statement are due within 30 days, and any payments not received by the end of the 30 days are subject to finance charges.

i) That, in addition, members more than 30 days in arrears are posted on the Club's bulletin board and are denied all Club privileges.

j) That there is an initiation fee.

k) That monthly dues for all classes of membership will automatically increase by 3% each year.

l) That a capital assessment will be assessed to regular and associate members to create a fund for unforeseen occurrences and extraordinary investments in the Club's physical plant; and the capital assessment will be billed in four (4) equal payments starting with the first May billing.


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